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With Accuplan Benefits Services, you directly control your Investments

A Self Directed IRA is an IRA account that you directly control and direct into investments of your choosing. Most IRA custodians that offer self directed IRA accounts greatly limit your investment options. This is because the custodians either earn fees from your investments or they are too conservative or not prepared to handle non-traditional investments.

Accuplan Benefits Services provides a more truly self directed IRA account in that we do not place limits or constraints on your investment choices. Most of our clients are investing in precious metals such as gold and silver, real estate, private placements, oil & gas projects, condos, hard money lending, or their own Business Trust with checkbook control.

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Self Directed IRA Options

You have the following options for setting up a Self Directed IRA, depending primarily on your level of comfort with managing your own investment portfolio and your level of discipline and due diligence to ensure at a minimum, the preservation of your investment capital.

Minimum Control and Convenience - The Self Directed IRA Account

With this option you open up a self directed IRA account and then select an investment and direct us to purchase that investment. Generally speaking, the investment(s) chosen are non-traditional in nature (buying into a small business, hard money loan to unrelated party, etc.). This structure places you into the investment, but you will be required to work through us as the custodian for each transaction. In some cases this works best if the investment activity and control required is minimal.

This account setup requires that you contact us every time you need to make an investment to secure your position in it by completing an Investment Direction Request form. Upon receipt of the form, we will issue a check from the cash balance in your Self Directed IRA on your behalf (FBO or For the Benefit of [Your Name]), to the appropriate payee that you specify in the Investment Direction Form. You must direct the payee to make all payments from interest, rents, dividends or proceeds of the sale directly back to your SDIRA account FBO [Your Name]

This type of account is best suited for investors who are more comfortable to retain the control and discipline of a custodian while making investments from their retirement accounts.

Maximum Control and Convenience - The Self Directed IRA Business Trust

With this option, you open an Self Directed IRA account and then we create a Business Trust that your IRA will invest in. This Business Trust can have a checking account setup. You, the IRA account owner, will be the Trustee of the Business Trust and as such you will have administrative powers and control over the asset and/or checking account.

This account setup allows you to have the necessary powers and control over management of the IRA's assets. This account setup is ideal for clients who need to hold real estate for investment purposes and may need to pay bills and expenses related to the property or any other asset. As the Trustee of the Business Trust you can buy and sell assets at your discretion without us being involved in any of those transactions.

This way you have complete and full control over where and when to make your investments or divest them to get the proceeds back to your Self Directed IRA account. This option comes with so many benefits that we have dedicated a separate website exclusively to explain more in greater detail.

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